Child's Play ★★★½

This is the first Chucky film I’ve ever seen, so I have no point of comparison and no attachment to the originals. I found this to be incredibly dumb but also a lot of fun. 

The whole cast is great, I really liked everyone. The kid that plays Andy was great and made me wish he was the lead in Shazam. Aubrey Plaza is always awesome and she added a lot of depth to Andy’s mom. Mark Hamill was awesome, another iconic voice performance by him. 

As much as I liked Hamill though, Chucky was one of the weaker parts of this movie. The design itself isn’t great. A lot of the things they make him do are more annoying than creepy, and even though I’ve never seen the original, the idea of a possessed doll sounds a lot scarier than a malfunctioning robot. 

It’s a fun breezy movie with some great kills. The score is really creative and Mark Hamill kills it and delivers some amazing one liners. The third act felt a little bit like a waste of potential but it’s still entertaining.