Class Action Park

Class Action Park ★★★½

Quarantine Movie #127

I first heard of Action Park in a mini-documentary put up by YouTuber Defunctland. If you enjoyed this doc I really recommend his videos.

Class Action Park is a mixed bag. There are some really good things in it, but it's tonally all over the place, and I'm not sure what the take away was supposed to be.

The first half of this doc is great. It's funny, you get a great sense of how crazy Action Park really was, and the animations are amazing. The animated segments in this are by far the best part. They're really funny and they're really effective at getting whatever point across.

The second half of this gets in to "here's the dark side of Action Park" territory, and I get that it has to do that, but it was really weird that the doc was trying to be funny and make me laugh, and then all of sudden we're talking to a lady about her dead kid. It was just a really jarring tonal shift.

As well done as some things in this are, I can't help but feel like this was a well-produced YouTube video. In fact, if you take all the animations, all the segments where cast members talk about the rides, and all the funny stories, strip them out of this doc and put them in a 40 minute YouTube video, you'd probably have a better finished product.

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