Dark Phoenix

Jesus where to begin. 

I’m an X-Men apologist, I thought Apocalypse was a great film. This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It makes Fan4stic look coherent. 

Before I trash this movie, credit where credit is due. The whole cast is great. They all do their best, and it hurts to see them have to work with such awful material. I’ve read some criticism of Sophie Turner and it’s unfair, she’s great but she’s given some awful dialogue and treated to some terrible directorial choices. 

Time for me to get in to the main issue. The script and the direction. Small stuff right? Simon... wtf dude. This is so dull, so pointless, so unearned... that it’s insulting. I’ve never seen a film that gets worse and worse while also lowering the stakes as we go. I hope Simon never directs again, he’s a decent writer, but this movie desperately needed some fresh eyes to interpret the script in an interesting way. 

I can’t believe this is how it ends. I still think the X-MCU reaches heights the MCU only recently has. The original launched a genre, X-2 built the template for a good sequel, First Class showed what a reboot could be, Days of Future Past was a fantastic passing of the torch, Apocalypse was a fun standalone Evolution style adventure, and Logan was a dark and moving farewell to a franchise. 

Dark Phoenix exists for no reason. It’s the worst of the franchise by quite a bit, Origins has some cheesy charm at least. We’d all be better of pretending Logan was the end of this series.