I Know What You Did Last Summer ★★★½

I feel like Kevin Williamson spent 10 years thinking about what a modern horror slasher would look like and he gave us the masterpiece Scream. His agent and studios took note and made him pump this out. 

I was ready to blame the shortfalls of this movie on the director, but the direction is honestly fine. It’s not Wes Craven, but the script is faithfully and creatively shot. 

My biggest issue is that it’s trying to be Scream but it’s 20% as smart. In Scream the killer appears to be supernatural, he’s in two places at once, he gets around quickly, he hides bodies. But it’s well explained. We understand why the killer can do these things. I Know What You Did throws that cleverness out the window and expects us to treat the Fisherman as a supernatural Freddy or Jason, but he’s not, and the film is grounded. It doesn’t work. 

With that said, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar are top notch scream queens. Freddie Prinze is great, but Ryan Phillips is a bit much. 

I still enjoyed it though, and if Blockbuster were still around, this would be the perfect Saturday night rental.