Interview with the Vampire ★★★★

They really don’t make movies like this anymore. The prestige period piece seems to be less and less popular and I could never imagine a supernatural one getting greenlit in 2019.

It’s a fun twist on the vampire genre. They’re not nice, but they’re also not evil. It makes for a good time and an interesting story. 

The production design is probably the biggest star of the film. The costume design is stellar, and the south is recreated very faithfully. 

The cast is great, and though Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas put in great performances, Tom Cruise steals the show. The film suffers when he’s not on screen. Kirsten Dusnt is fine, but she got annoying, as she often does. I feel bad saying that because it’s nothing personal, Dunst can be very good, but she’s really often written in an annoying way. 

I think the pacing is a bit sluggish at times, especially around the beginning of the third act. The fact that you could probably trim about 20 minutes from the runtime is my biggest gripe with it.

This is a supernatural film that is taken seriously by the cast, the crew, and the studio. That really shows. Too often stories like this get relegated to micro budgets and indie branches of studios, it’s nice to see one treated with the same care that something like Shakespeare in Love would receive. As a result this is a very very good vampire film with some gorgeous costume design and a great cast.