Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★★

Another disappointing summer blockbuster. 

MIB international feels like a soulless mid 00’s corporate blockbuster. Sony is very good at making movies feel that way, the Amazing Sider-Man’s and Venom come to mind. Everything feels safe and bland, so much of the film is product placement and Sony promos. It’s disappointing.

The cast is very good though. Tessa Thompson is great and so is Hemsworth. They have great chemistry together and they riff off of each other really well. Although you can tell a lot of the dialogue is improv and it works sometimes, but they do it way too much. At one point Hemsworth had 4/5 scenes in a row where you can tell it was all improv. This works in Ragnarok, but it doesn’t always here. The other MIB agents are good as well. Emma Thompson and Liam Neesom are good additions, though underused. Kumail as Pawnee was cuter and funnier than I expected and a lot less annoying than I expected. 

The movie feels and looks like original but the similarities are purely aesthetic. The practical effects of the original are replaced by boring and mediocre cgi, the original has a fantastic villain while here the villains are basically the Fortnite galaxy skins. I appreciate this movie’s attempt to world build and do something new, but it doesn’t really do anything new... It’s just more of the same, executed in a poorer way. There’s some laughs to be had though and if you’re a fan of the originals I don’t think you should skip this.  For me, hearing Danny Elfman’s theme play over the opening credits was enough to justify the cost of admission.

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