Perfect Blue ★★★★★

I’ve honestly never seen a better descent in to madness film. The editing style is so unsettling and it works so well. This is such a layered film, I think it’s impossible to really go in depth after one viewing. 

The amount of work this has influenced is also staggering. Obviously Aaronofsky based an entire film on this, and Black Swan is a near masterpiece, yet this is still better. You can see this movie’s influence in something like Scott Pilgrim as well. Kind of a testament to the brilliance of Edgar Wright that he uses the same unsettling nonlinear editing but for comedic effect. 

I think it explores its themes of sexuality and fame and shame and art, really well. Again, a lot of this is present in Black Swan, but here everything feels more organic. 

This is an incredible film and I can’t wait to watch it again.