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  • Snitch



    Don’t be fooled by The Rock’s pose on the poster - this is a film more akin to The Town and Sicario which, although not of the same calibre, is far better than expected. Brilliant supporting cast with Susan Sarandon, Barry Pepper and Jon Bernthal also helps shift Snitch up a gear and help deliver a story you can’t quite believe is based on true events. Less punching... and a little more trucking.

  • Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

    Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché


    Pamela B. Green’s incredible documentary on French filmmaker Alice Guy Blaché not only highlights the problems women face in industry today but also how far back these issues go. As with most inventions, the birth of film is no exception in overlooking how female figures have been trampled on and cast aside and when it surrounds such a pioneering force as Blaché, it is criminal to witness how her presence has been left buried and forgotten for so long. Here…

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  • The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale

    The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale


    An epic endearment to both the power of nature and the loss of a nation's identity. Full of analogy and distinct iconography, Hoon-jung Park's film is a testament to his own sensibilities as a writer and director and are embodied within the central characters. Not only does he convey emotion through subtle gestures of the Lord of the Mountain but also his deft camera work when it comes to the more dramatic portions of the film. Mythic, cathartic, romantic, operatic...there are few films made today that can instantly placed on such a high pedestal.

  • After Midnight

    After Midnight


    I adore Spring - one of my favourite films so far this century and an obvious comparison here - an intelligent love story that happens to wrap itself in the horror genre. Unfortunately, After Midnight is neither an interesting love story or engaging horror - instead, something of a hipster film as though directed by Mumford & Sons. By the end it succeeded in making me feel as angry as the lead and would have gladly picked up the shotgun and…