Gerald's Game ★½

It was uneven but okay up until Imaginary Gerald rose from the dead and started yammering away, and then "Gerald's Game" took a sharp nosedive for me. It often felt more like a theatrical play than a movie, and not in a good way. More like in a talky and overly-pretentious manner.

"Gerald's Game" an unpleasant little tale that struggles to justify its existence with themes of parental sexual abuse and searching for self-worth. But in reality it's a simple, nasty, locked room survival story more suited to a pulp fiction short story than a full-length movie.

I didn't like Jessie, which is a pretty big problem since she's in almost every scene. I didn't find the Moonlight Man scary. I thought the whole denouement with the voiceover was just silly. A misfire from a director who has done some work I admire.