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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    Shocked to discover that this was the absolute lowest rated movie on my watchlist. My watchlist has over 700 films, one of which is "FREDDY GOT FINGERED," directed by and featuring Tom Green! So it doesn't mean much to say this is massively underrated--heck, I actually found the wildly ambitious and nonsensical pacing of the trademark Wachowski directing style quite entertaining. The story has some really interesting sci-fi elements and I respect the crazy ambition even if I turned off…

  • Elysium



    The best part was the villain with the South African accent. He seemed like the only actor having a good time and not playing a stock character type. I get that it's the future, but those are still pretty damn small talk rockets to be able to breach the earth's atmosphere and hit a target.

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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    TL;DR: "2001" is a great film, and it's worth watching even if the circumstances aren't perfect.

    I've been pondering what an enormous range of experiences watching a movie is for people in 2013. From silent reverence in front of 35mm projections to an iPad and headphones while falling asleep, it's a wider spectrum than what I once experienced simply as: a) going to the cinema with friends or family, b) watching on TV enduring commercial breaks or on VHS tapes…

  • Training Day

    Training Day


    The best part about joining this site was retroactively giving a grade to films I've seen while combing the site's database. This was easy for me as Netflix used to have a similar social layer without half-stars that I used and I mostly clicked on the same star (give or take a 1/2). I don't know what kind of psychological profile it gives me (insane film rating completist?) but I went back pretty far in time in terms of what…