In the Company of Men ★★★

Not the best choice for casual movie night with new friends. I heard there's a phenomenon where some piece of art or entertainment you like suddenly seems worse to you while you're showing it to friends to get them into it. This was like that, except it actually was worse than it was in the '90s when I first saw it. However, it led to a really interesting discussion afterwards, which is one of my criteria for a film being worthwhile or not, so I'm not sure what to think.

I definitely respect the filmmaker's audacity, the artistic integrity and intentions behind the choices made, the performances of the main actors, and the intelligence of the script. Not so much the long stretches of dialogue happening where the speaker had their back to the camera or was off-screen altogether. And maybe it's the resounding victory of "political correctness gone mad" and the concomitant, completely insane reaction of white men playing the victims and doing things like electing sexist "business world" scumbags as President...or it's the exponentially increased pace of movies 20 years later affecting our attention span..but it was indeed unpleasant to be in these people's "company" for this long, regardless of the context and meaning. Many of the jokes I used to find darkly humorous fell flat. And I'm not much for unpleasant films these days.

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