Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

A great horror-comedy that actually succeeds at both, which is rare. Ready or Not is about a twisted game of hide and seek played by the Le Domas family on the night of a family wedding to initiate the new bride or groom into the family. Already that's quite a scary concept and I wouldn't expect it to scare people but it did have some very suspenseful moments.

They really make you hate these characters that are in the family so you're rooting for Grace even more. And speaking of, I think that she is a great protagonist with Samara Weaving delivering a performance that really stands out. Obviously, she has all the moments of being scared or upset but there's also a fair amount of bad-ass moments that really get you on her side. To top it off, she also has some humorous lines to throw into the mix that often got laughs out of me.

The film delivers on the premise very well, giving us a proper look into this family and who they all are but also why the tradition is in place and the dynamics between them. I really enjoyed it throughout, but that ending was amazing! The highlight of the film for me, really leaving it on a high!

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