• Blue Bayou

    Blue Bayou



  • The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers


    A story of a tender heart in a gritty world. John C Reilly was amazing, but something fell flat with the rest of the movie around him. Well produced and great cast. Kept my interest, but could’ve been so much greater with the level of talent involved in this film.

  • The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

    The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)


    You’re here...is what I wanted

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    “Do you know why this is my favorite tree? Because it tipped over and it’s still growing.”

    This felt like an unintentional spirit sequel/prequel to American Honey where we see the life through the eyes of naive children. Brutally honest, and rich in character. One of the best movies of the year for sure.

  • A Ciambra

    A Ciambra


    Not all coming of age stories are sunshine and happiness. This one is strong realism with children as the main focus, remincent of Kids. Full of energy, but leaves you a bit uncomfortable and kinda heartbroken. Superb acting from a cast of unfamiliar faces. The shaky cam was a little much at points, but otherwise beautifully filmed.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    So Greta Gerwig needs to make a Freaks and Geeks like series for the early 2000s and make my life complete. Or maybe she can just keep doing whatever the heck she wants because it’s working. This was like the tragically underrated Mermaids mixed with a less lewd but still authentic Superbad. A smile was on my face nearly the whole time, only wiped away for a few moments of choking up. I also didn’t realize going in that it…

  • Lucky



    He affected me.

    Pretty good directorial debut. Obviously inspired by Linklater with the way it flows from one profound conversation to the next, but with more of the slower and rehearsed sounding delivery you find in a Jarmusch movie. A great character study with some memorable moments. David Lynch’s side plot was my favorite part of the film. Sometimes a little heavy handed, but plenty of subtleties too. Overall really well done and I’ll be looking forward to future work by Carroll Lynch.

  • The Keeping Hours

    The Keeping Hours


    A touching movie with great photography, good performances, and a few jump scares. It doesn’t really take any risks or break into any new territory, but it succeeds at drawing you in and making you feel for the characters and ultimately reflect upon your own experiences with loss, grief, and working through it all.

  • All the Wild Horses

    All the Wild Horses


    Very entertaining, like a natgeo version of The Amazing Race. Great scenery, some looks into the Mongolian culture. Easy to watch and has some moments of drama and levity. I personally would have liked some deeper layers about the Mongolian culture or backstories of the main characters, but overall will keep anyone captivated.

  • Carol



    Just breathtaking on all accounts. Every frame like a perfect photograph. Flawless and nuanced acting from every major character. Incredible score. All forms of art are used with intention to make the viewer feel the longing, comfort, and anxiousness of love. Like being wrapped in a warm blanket.

  • Room



    Where most movies like this end, this one is at the half way point. It seamlessly pivots from a suspense to a drama and made me wish this was a show with a full season of getting to know the people in the story.

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    Managed to recapture the feeling I got the fist time watching "Kids". So real you just want to crawl into their world, even if it's not objectively a glamorous world, because it feels so full of life.