Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent ★★★★★

Let's ignore the fact that Embrace of the Serpent is a stunning criticism of colonialism. No need to be mindful of its poetic and touching vilification of materialism. Disregard that this is, at once, the essential post-modernist film and everything but modern at the same time. Focusing only on the narrative structure, the superb visuals, the exceptional chromatography and the physique of the World Mover, this is one of the most eye-grabbing, exhilarating and divine films I have ever seen.

Juxtaposing between the two adventurers was a very good touch, as it adds more depth to the world we, as an audience, are envisioning, as well as keeping us interested in the link between the two quests. I greatly enjoyed the narrative but this film's final scene is perhaps one of the greatest feats ever accomplished in cinema. It evokes the majesty found in the Tree of Life, whilst also combing the aural and visual effects and forming a vibrant feel inside the core, which attempts to simulate the psychedelic experience as well as a two dimensional surface could. It would be cheap, however, to praise the film on one virtue alone, but this isn't the case anyway, so there is no need for concern.

The differing tribes, the religions, the cultures and the individual perspectives provide so much tension and narrative interest that the film was largely carried by the interesting figures it showcased. The flight down the jungle river, supplemented with intra-party discussion rivals that of Apocalypse Now. The different characters, each with their back stories, and each contributing to the larger, spiritual narrative the World Mover tells, are magnificent creations in one of the finest films I've ever seen in theaters. Truly an enlightening experience. Best of 2015.

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