The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

Jodorowsky's cult classic The Holy Mountain is an ambitious, bizarre, colorful and creative work of art. It defies the expected structure of most films and consists of several sexual and fantastical scenes put together and masked as a standard film. It is not a difficult film to get through, in my eyes, as it is not particularly disturbing and uncomfortable. It may frustrate some due to their lack of familiarity to such a film but it is ultimately a meditative and truly incredible visual experience.

The film begins with an introductory scene with no purpose other than to set the standard for the remainder of the film. It is original and captivating, with a priestly score to set the atmosphere and mood. Ultimately, the strength of this film comes from these well directed, unbelievably unique scenes that are hardly rivaled.

The problem I find with Jodorowsky's work is that is perhaps too excessive. While specific scenes, such as the Venus introduction are cool and captivating, some of them lack the zest needed to truly entertain. Because of this, I occasionally end up staring blankly at the wide array of colors with little relative interest.

Despite this, Jodorowsky's world amazed me for the vast majority of the screening. Due to the nature of this film I am unsure exactly what I would give it, but this is a truly visceral experience that I greatly enjoyed.

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