Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

Well, god bless slow-mo because thanks to it we now have a four hour film we've already seen, and without it, Zack Snyder would have absolutely NO idea how to engineer gravitas.

Definitely better, more cohesive and more compelling than the Whedon cut (not hard) but still as dour as four beheadings and a funeral. Yes, there are moments of earned rather than forced levity now, but mainly it's still bleak AF. Yet, shoddy last minute VFX aside (I'm looking at you Zeus), its significantly better looking and the editing and musical cues feel more organic.

Mainy, it makes me REALLY badly want to see another Cavill Superman film. Although he features little in this, what we do see of him, towards the end of the flick at least, looks much more like the big blue we've all been waiting for. It'd be a shame not to see a film devoted to that version of the character.

Side note: I loved the way that the Amazon's enshrine their mcguffin cube in an Athenian-type tomb, the Atlanteans protect theirs in a deep sea cathedral but the men... the men just dump theirs in shallow-dug holes, and cover them in a sprinkling of soil. Men are fucking idiots.

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