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  • Live in RMB City
  • Surrender
  • Romance of a Fruit Peddler
  • Take It All

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  • The Mourning Forest

    The Mourning Forest


    “There are no formal rules, ya know”

    My favorite film about death, in that it’s the ONLY film that didn’t make me— I won’t say afraid—but weary, of death. We all fade into the earth as we were born, and our trauma diffuses out w rain, flows through streams, and at a point least expected, untangles
    In between the roars and crashes of the waves. What’s left is leaving your body entirely, giving in, what’s left then casted in sunlight or covered in dirt it’s all the same. You are Alive.

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Sad day... this is too surreally in your face w post full scale gentrification NY w Eurocentric aesthetics to take seriously, in other words Ya, it’s wayyyy too white to make me feel what I felt before . I know what I saw in it before,  I still do to a certain extent, montage work, when we are in montage form this is when it’s at its peak, otherwise we kinda bounce around on a Tumblr core puffed cloud while a…