Pig ★★★★

This film really took me by surprise! 

While watching the first act I felt super detached from the story and our main character but the film does a great job by resolving the story while simultaneously building it up. In my opinion this makes for a very organic understanding of the emotions and actions of the characters. Even though it’s not a true tear jerker i did feel very connected to the characters by the end of the film. 

This film being about restauranteurs and the food industry was such a pleasant curveball! I’m actually in my first year of culinary school and that speech Rob gave to Edgar was just insane and Nic Cage’s delivery of that speech was pretty much perfect! 

There are many more things I really loved, the film is filled with so many little bits of greatness. All and all I think this is a very emotional but calming film, perfect to watch on a slow and cosy Sunday night. 

Also the pig is really cute…

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