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  • Captain Blood

    Captain Blood


    Captain Blood's first hour is near perfection. Curtiz's direction is first class craftsmanship and the setting up of the characters and situations is well rounded and efficient. It's not difficult to spot why Flynn became such a huge star after this film, as his vibrancy and smile fill up the screen when he appears. Unfortunately, when the film shifts to Tortuga and Blood becomes a pirate, the direction and pacing of the piece take a huge hit. Blood's shift from…

  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Franju really botched this one. He wraps an interesting and ahead of it's time premise into a film that is so joyless, boring and stoic that it's really hard to make it through to the end. This was my second viewing, as I wanted to ensure my first disappointing viewing wasn't a fluke. The terrible carnival score is my first caveat. If the intention was to be ironic than mission accomplished, but any dread or horror the scenes could've had…

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  • The Tall T

    The Tall T


    The Tall T is an extremely small scale western with only a few locations, but gets the most out of it's characters, particularly Richard Boone as the villain. Boone makes Frank Usher sympathetic and level-headed. He's a man who, by the time the end comes, we don't want to see him get what he rightly deserves. The stakes are set early on when Frank and cohorts Chink and Billy Jack kill the station man, his son, and Brennan's pal Rintoon.…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Being unabashed in my enthusiasm for Wes Anderson, walking out of Isle of Dogs was an unusual experience. The biggest smiles and reactions the film gave me was at the wizardry of the execution more than any sort of emotional payoff that I usually get from his films. Too much time is spent on the political commentary, romance sub-plots, and the foreign exchange student for the relationships to really flesh this thing out.

    Political commentary is fine, but I didn't…