Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

Ultimately there's just so much of my own type-A personality in Reynolds Woodcock that this was an easy film to give myself over to. I have a sense that a director like PTA has more than a little in common with Woodcock himself, so this was a natural character exploration. While the film works as a whole, I also see this working as a series of some of the most wonderful short vignettes. Each scene has a rhythm and a pace all it's own, filled with small gestures and moments to be appreciated. I loved the heightened sound design, making a musical out of the sounds of cutting and moving cloth around, or the scraping of a knife. The ending came suddenly, but made sense as the film set up a control struggle and motherly longing right from the jump. Like all PTA films, the abstractness of the narrative makes it difficult to write about, but rest assured, this is essential cinema.

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