Up ★★

Gave this one a second chance but I probably liked it even less than the first time. Even the silent Ellie and Carl montage seemed forced and an easy emotion grab this time. After that, it devolves into pure sillyness. Muntz turns out to be a bad guy for no reason at all, and even has an army of dogs who can fly planes on top of it? I don't like how unrealistic the film turns out to be once setting up very real world scenarios in the beginning. There is nothing really driving the narrative forward here, it just kind of goes. Carl wants to get to Paradise Falls because he wanted to go there with Ellie, but this wasn't enough to keep me interested. The last third of the film is an endless action scene which I had no investment in. It seems as though this started out as a short and they decided to keep on going. I fail to see how this gets so much love.