Men in Black ★★★★★

This movie continues to age well and I finally decided to give it 5 stars.

This is how Sci-Fi Comedy should be done. Heavy accent on the action and story with zingers thrown in every now and then.

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith own the roles are excellent. Tommy as the straight-laced "K" and Will as the wise-cracking ass-kicking "J".

Rip Torn plays their no-nonsense worldly boss, "Zed".

Linda Fiorentino as the forensics tech is priceless. Her hostage scene with Vincent D'Onofrio and Will Smith in the morgue still kills me to this day.

Speaking of Vincent D'Onofrio, he is awesome as the baddie.

Great EFX that still stand up after 20 years does the movie proud. The sound and score is solid.

Tony Shalhoub has a memorable scene.