Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

Kong: Skull Island is an entertaining adventure film. It takes a somewhat different approach, as it does away with the emotion of the classic Kong story. There's no romance or melodrama here, just some good ol' fashioned monster mayhem. It works for the most part, if you can live with some of the weak characterization. 

See, in typical monster movie fashion, the human characters end up being kinda undercooked. Your leads are presumably Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, but they're as bland as bland can be. Larson at least brings some of her natural charm, and a smile that could light up an entire room. Hiddleston is just a dude. The real saving grace is the supporting cast, namely Sam Jackson and John C. Reilly. They steal the show, especially Reilly, who ends up as probably the best character in the whole film.

But the monsters?! Yeah, they're fun. Monster mayhem is what the film does best, and the action is genuinely exciting to watch. There was a tad too much slo-mo for my liking, and some of the action can get a bit too stylized for its own good, but I can let it slide when it's that visually impressive. Seriously, the film looks gorgeous at times. Some really amazing shots, especially when we see Kong for the first time. The sense of scale is great too, something I really appreciated about 2014's Godzilla

Speaking as a huge fan of Peter Jackson's King Kong, I wouldn't really place this new film on that level. Still though, Kong: Skull Island is a highly enjoyable blockbuster, with some impressive visuals, a great early-70s soundtrack, and Brie Larson (did I mention her smile?). And make sure to stay after the credits. The post-credits scene is super awesome.

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