Big Little Lies ★★★★★

Still don’t understand why some television series have their own entries on here but w/e

This show is phenomenal. Each performance from all the leads across the board is just an absolute tour de force. Sharply written, beautifully shot and crafted, and with really masterful hard-hitting editting that frames and unravels this mystery exactly as it is designed to be. Wow wow wow, I never thought I’d enjoy it this much, glad I finally am able to check it off my list and am STOKED for season 2.

Just a few extra tidbits to wrap things up, the music choices and how they are seamlessly integrated into the show are flawless, the child actor performances are great and authentic and, even between side characters, each case of interpersonal conflict seems so tense and essential and part of a greater whole. Excellent excellent excellent.

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