No Time to Die

No Time to Die

Other than being maybe 20-30 minutes too long, this movie absolutely whips ass. And even at that, that extra 20-30 minutes of fluff sure was pretty to look at.

I’ve never been a huge Bond fan. No feelings against it necessarily, just wasn’t a franchise I grew up with or latched onto as I got older. The only reason I was so stoked for this one was bc 1) How excited Chelsea was for it, it rubbed off on me lol 2) I love Cary Fukunaga and couldn’t wait to see how he handled this property.

I was pleasantly surprised by witty humor, GORGEOUS cinematography and pretty fuckin rad, bombastic action sequences that were pulled off to a degree that I don’t remember from many other bond films I’ve seen (I haven’t seen many). I also thought the send off they gave Craig’s Bond was quite a beautiful end to this era of this beloved character.

Dug it, was a lot of fun. The group sitting in front of us at the theatre were fucking TERRIBLE though. I did not miss having to tell people to stfu and put their phones away. Like seriously, not even 20 minutes into the movie and this dude is consistently pulling out his phone to check his stocks and making conversation with his friend 3 seats down at normal speaking volume. Just absurd.

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