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  • Jungleland



    Even Charlie Hunnam couldn't save this painfully mediocre mess of a film. Hits every cliche in the book and devotes far too much time on the unlikable and terribly-acted female lead.

  • Un film dramatique

    Un film dramatique


    There's nothing insightful being said here and the "cutesy" moments get old fast. A major disappointment.

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  • Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars

    Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars

    Better than endgame

  • Maniac



    The entire series unfolds pretty much exactly how you expect it to. you can predict where this is going just by reading the synopsis, because it's your standard "fantastical elements as a metaphor for overcoming grief/depression/loneliness/pick whatever you want." There's a rogue AI coming into sentience thrown in there for good measure to really hit all the standard sci-fi conventions. There's way too many "life-affirming" conversations with dramatic emotional music blaring to take this even remotely seriously. The only parts…