The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★½

Overrated crap.

This movie is trying so hard to be a Bergman film it’s embarrassing. With its pretentious symbolism that’s shoved in your face every other scene and it’s excessive bells-and-whistles like being black and white with an aspect ratio you don’t see in most movies today, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t some film student’s senior thesis. It’s trying SO hard to have meaning, and I’m sure there’s something deep here, but rather than making the mistake of trying to show us how deep it is, why don’t you just let the story tell its self, can you? Start with a story and the symbolism will come out naturally. Don’t start with the symbolism and hope that you can squeeze a story out of it to justify whatever these metaphors are supposed to mean.

It heightens way too quickly. He gets to the lighthouse and starts going crazy right away. You’d think a movie about the solitude of working in a lighthouse would be a little more of a slow burn wouldn’t you? When’s the last time you looked at a light house and thought: “I bet it’s a madhouse in there.” I’m sure it’s a dull job with plenty of cabin fever, but that wouldn’t start in your FIRST WEEK of working there. Add the fact that the sound design is SO annoying and the score is SO loud that it doesn’t match what I imagine the quietness of working in a lighthouse would be like. The movie is already intense enough with its stark black-and-White contrast. Can’t we just live in the silence of it all? Wouldn’t that be a nice yin-and-yang to the intensity this movie already brings visually?

Idk everyone likes this movie except me. So go ahead and see it. I just think stuff like this has been made before and has been made way better.

Also Robert Pattinson jerks off while standing up in this movie TWICE?? TWICE??? That was the most disturbing thing for me.

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