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  • Florida Straits

    Florida Straits


    Well it started out with possibility, but went straight to low budget boredom midway through. One of the weakest endings I’ve experienced this week (and with my movie preferences, that says a lot). I think they blew their budget on quality actors and had to cut a few writers.

  • Traveling Man

    Traveling Man


    Poorly executed southern accents aside, this is a tolerable and sometimes enjoyable movie to sit through. Of course that is due to the fantastic cast. It’s very predictable but worth a watch when you need a movie that doesn’t evoke much emotion.

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  • Destroyer



    One of the coolest posters ever.  If I had a thrash metal band- that would be our debut album cover! But the content- a bit bland.  If the marketing team that worked on the poster had only worked on the script. If you are up for a prison slasher then this can't hurt - but after a zillion slashers this month, I needed a bit more personality.

  • Xtro



    Such a great flick. Effects are truly fantastic.  The music  is cheap, eerie and highly effective.  There is no time wasted- this one gets right to the good stuff. The actors are great and the story is awesome. So many great scenes- the beginning alien/road scene, the adult birth scene and so many more which are very cool.  How is this movie not well known? One of my favorite sci-fi horror blends.   Now as for Xtro 2, I can not say the same.