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  • The Final Sanction

    The Final Sanction


    Quite possibly the worst movie ever made, and I mean that in a good way. Probably best suited for nostalgic stoners in need of a good laugh.

  • The Babadook

    The Babadook


    in the early stages, there is great potential for a truly scary movie. But then we are graced with the presence of the Babadouche, who reminds us that CGI is never scary. There is a hint of “The Shining”, but possessed Parents are quite bland in this era. It’s been done and redone. But a Babadoofus has NOT been done- so I was saddened by a lack of regular and pronounced physical Babadouche appearance. An original idea watered down and made just like all the others of the era.

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  • Destroyer



    One of the coolest posters ever.  If I had a thrash metal band- that would be our debut album cover! But the content- a bit bland.  If the marketing team that worked on the poster had only worked on the script. If you are up for a prison slasher then this can't hurt - but after a zillion slashers this month, I needed a bit more personality.

  • Xtro



    Such a great flick. Effects are truly fantastic.  The music  is cheap, eerie and highly effective.  There is no time wasted- this one gets right to the good stuff. The actors are great and the story is awesome. So many great scenes- the beginning alien/road scene, the adult birth scene and so many more which are very cool.  How is this movie not well known? One of my favorite sci-fi horror blends.   Now as for Xtro 2, I can not say the same.