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  • Mortuary Academy

    Mortuary Academy


    Right up my alley. 2 brothers inherit a mortuary academy and the usual D level comedy hijinks ensue. It can be ridiculous at times but it is somehow entertaining. I first saw this on USA Up All Night and what a perfect venue for such. For fans of Hollywood Hot Tubs, Combat Academy and Screwballs type flicks.

  • Number One with a Bullet

    Number One with a Bullet


    Worth a watch for Doris Roberts alone- who plays a rough version of her Everyone Loves Raymond character. A bit goofy as all Cannon actin films are guilty of.

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  • Karate Rock

    Karate Rock


    This is a terrible movie. But I am awarding it 4 stars for the following:
    - It has 1990 listed as a release date. That can’t be. 1984 or 1985 I would believe. But not 1990. It has every element of a mid 80’s film- and that makes me love it more.
    - The dance scene at the “Rock Competition”. I won’t spoil it, but I am unable to think of a more laughable dance scene.
    - It’s a blatant…

  • Destroyer



    One of the coolest posters ever.  If I had a thrash metal band- that would be our debut album cover! But the content- a bit bland.  If the marketing team that worked on the poster had only worked on the script. If you are up for a prison slasher then this can't hurt - but after a zillion slashers this month, I needed a bit more personality.