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  • Gamer


    In 2009 this movie was great.
    In 2017 this movie is a revelation.

    The perfect fusion of a civilization in decline, 'gamer culture', a callous startup industry all fueled by failing capitalism and silver bullet solutions to large and complex problems.

    All with the tackiest visuals and soundtrack to perfectly undercut and compliment it.

  • Logan


    I am not sure if being the best Marvel related thing since Blade 1 & 2 is much of an accomplishment but I enjoyed it while watching it.

    It looses a lot of the power of a lot of the same scenes from the comics even with the swearing and blood. The instinct that something is gritty and real so we have to ground it so far down that nothing really pops is an upsetting trend.

    You can do the Rated R comic book thing and also make them Lurid and make the Color Pop, but they haven't really gotten that working as of yet.

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  • Baskin


    I saw this movie on 3 hours of sleep after 8 hours of school and a small nap. To say it was the perfect film to basically be in a hazy fever dream state to watch is an understatement. I really enjoyed this and what I think I enjoyed most is how much it is all nightmare logic that doesn't bother explaining a lot.

    The main 'villain' also has an IMPOSSIBLE amount of charisma that when arrives on the scene you are locked into his every word.

  • Green Room

    Green Room

    The movie is a lot like the punk music that fuels it and its main characters. Aggressive, fast paced and very in the moment. A really really good modern siege movie with all the characters actually behaving like people would in that situation and succeeding or failing because of it. Good messy action too.