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  • The Three Faces of Eve

    The Three Faces of Eve


    I think my own background in psychology made this hard for me to watch since I'm very skeptical of the source material. MPD/DID seems like a myth to me, but it's intriguing enough in the movies.

  • The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

    The Amazing Johnathan Documentary


    For a while this movie felt like it had potential but for me it kind of fell apart in the middle. The director has a nice butt though.

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  • The Book Thief

    The Book Thief


    As I see it the film has four main flaws.

    1. The accents: why didn't they hire more German actors if they wanted German accents?

    2. The schmaltz: it was so sentimental it gave me a stomachache.

    3. The squandered talent: It's nice to see Emily Watson again, but what the hell is with the zero screen time for Heike Makatsch and Barbara Auer? Why is Heike Makatsch doing extra work now? How long must we wait for Barbara Auer's…

  • White House Down

    White House Down


    I'm almost embarrassed how much I enjoyed this movie... until the last ten minutes or so. Up til then it was silly fun, and it's still possibly the best film Roland Emmerich has ever made.