Serenity ★★★★

If you’ve seen the movie, I kept running notes throughout the film, check them out here: Serentiy Notes Review

I am completely and utterly blown away by what I just witnessed.
I will say the writing in this, man its deep. And to be honest you wonder if this comes from a place that hits at home.

But this movie is absolutely crazy, and crazy for all the right reasons.

The pace of the movie was spot on, I felt every act and every sequence came at the right time. You were left guessing for quite awhile but you were left enough throughout to nibble on.

Several twist including the big one, that was a really turning point in the film that I really loved and honestly didn't really see coming.

The acting:

Clarke (who will one day play in a movie I write), he is one of my favorite actor that always brings his A game to the table.

McConaughey and Hathaway both were really strong in their roles.

The rest of the cast, Hounsou, Lane and Strong were all spot on and all played their roles.

Go into this film with an open mind. Just do it. It’s a top notch thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.