Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★½

Movie 59 of Revisiting 1982
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Nerd Summer of 1982 continues 

With so many cuts out there, the question is “Oh, you saw Blade Runner, which cut ?” Since this 40th Anniversary release month, I went with the theatrical cut. Narration and happy ending and all.

I love watching it and looking at how it inspired the look of so many movies that followed, that is the real genius of the movie, the costumes and Besson. The lower levels of Coruscant with all the neon seem right out of Blade Runner. The last big blockbuster of the month of June 1982, the scope of the sets, costumes and model building are breathtaking. Everything about this movie works. I come back to it a lot.

I never worried about the happy ending and find the narration only semi annoying. Ridley Scott is such a diverse director that Sci Fi Noir seems right up his alley. Vangelis score is amazing.

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