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  • Hustlers



    Not the worst movie i’ve watched with my mom + grandma

  • Parasite




    Amazing movie, simply put. Was worried it wasn't gonna live up to the hype for me but it fucking did.
    I went into the movie not knowing what it was about (I knew it had something to do with classism, and was a Korean film) because I don't watch any trailers or anything. I just wanted to watch it because I heard such great things about it, and i'm happy I did.


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  • Hereditary



    Wow, what a film. THIS is the kind of stuff I want to see when I watch a horror film. It does not rely on cheap jumpscares or any stupid horror cliches to make you scared. The whole atmosphere in this movie is enough to creep you out. The way things are shot, the acting, the dialogue, just everything - all genuinely scary.

    Now, that doesn't mean you won't enjoy this movie if you don't like horror movies. Aside from…

  • White Boy Rick

    White Boy Rick


    A lot of people don’t like this movie, which isn’t surprising, but man, I loved it. I am a little bias because i’ve been super interested in Rick & also The Curry Gang for years before this movie came out. 

    However, I still think this movie did exactly what it wanted to do. It told the story of Wershe Jr. and nothing more. It’s kind of sad - I wish this movie did something. Something unique? Something that would make people…