Parasite ★★★★★


Amazing movie, simply put. Was worried it wasn't gonna live up to the hype for me but it fucking did.
I went into the movie not knowing what it was about (I knew it had something to do with classism, and was a Korean film) because I don't watch any trailers or anything. I just wanted to watch it because I heard such great things about it, and i'm happy I did.

Foreign movies are kinda hard for me to get into, but this wasn't one of them. This concept had me intrigued right away and in my opinion they executed it perfectly. The direction, the acting, sound design, dialogue, casting - everything. And - this is really rare - I didn't complain about ANYTHING throughout the movie. Not really a flaw I can think of. It's just so well done this movie feels so authentic & boy do I love a movie that feels authentic. It also had me at the edge of my seat, anxiously waiting for the next scene.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it. Even if foreign films aren't your thing. One of my favorite films from 2019.

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