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This review may contain spoilers.

I’m sure almost every filmmaker in the history of cinema has wanted to make a movie about the epitome of creativity in the human mind - dreams. Dreams seem so easy to make movies about but I could not think of a way to make it realistic. Somehow, Christopher Nolan was able to pull it off perfectly. 

Inception is brilliant in every way possible. The perfect game of Tetris where everything aligns perfectly. The Inception universe is one where people understand dreams and are actually able to alter them. Things are brought up that you would never realize unless someone else told you. Where are you in a dream? Probably an easy answer. How did you get there? The million dollar question that probably has no answer. Because you didn’t get there, it’s a dream.

The first third was pretty slow, but it had to be for the rest of the film to make sense. No getting around that. The visual effects, both digital and practical, are stunning. The best is probably the spinning hallway, which is one of my favorite scenes that I’ve seen.

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