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  • Ma



    If you've seen the Official Trailer (2:29) there's no point in watching the movie. I dod the reverse, watched the movie 1st n then the preview, and 90% of the movie is told in the trailer. But regardless, the main problem is that part way through the movie you know how it's going to end (without having seen the trailer). By the half way point you know exactly how it's going to get there and you know the upcoming…

  • Alléluia



    Great sex can be a dangerous thing! This was really really good. As usual I didn't know anything going into it except that it was a recommended horror, and that's the best way to view this movie. Having everything come at you and surprise you is what made the experience. The fact that it's based on a true story put this into 4* range. The acting is great and you really fall into a trance while navigating this relationship with…

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  • The Pharmacist

    The Pharmacist


    This was incredible. Netflix, again, puts out another true crime series that's riveting from beginning to end. It looks like the series is heading one direction (which is interesting) but then it goes in a totally different direction and it's jaw dropping. Take all this w a grain of salt bc I have a vested interest in this as OxyContin ruined my life for a decade. After countless trips to expensive rehab facilities, and due to the support of my…

  • Lost Child

    Lost Child


    This is not my type of movie so take the rating w a grain of salt. But it was recommended to me so I gave it a shot. I definitely wouldn't recommend this movie.