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  • Buppah Rahtree 3.1

    Buppah Rahtree 3.1


    The story of Buppah Rahtree continues, without Ake, now he is reincarnated into a young girl named Pla, whose fate is not far from Buppah's previous life.

    I dare to say this movie is much better than its predecessor, sadden? my eyes are teary, scary? yup, funny? can't stop laughing. The horror and comedy managed to synergize well, all the jokes didn't feel forced, even when the horror came in, I think all of that was because the cast that…

  • Hell


    About a documentary film crews who gets into a car accident and goes to hell.

    Not expecting anything, what I like here is just how they describe the torments of hell along with its practical effects and the costume design of the hellish creatures in this film version.

    Overall, the film is boring and the CGI is also bad, drowning out the positives of this film.

    Ranked #9 of 12 on my 2015 list (October 16th, 2021)

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  • The Medium

    The Medium


    Without a doubt, The Medium is absolutely the creepiest film I watch this year.

    As a person who was born in Southeast Asia, it's no stranger to shamanism, regardless of whether you have used his services or not, but at least you must have heard stories or seen people who are victims of shamanic practices. I myself belong to the group who have only seen people affected by this shaman's witchcraft, the victims are from my own family but thankfully…

  • Malignant



    James Wan, a director whose films are suitable to be a stepping stone for people who want to like the horror genre. I only realized that after watching Malignant and then remembering how good his other horror films are like Saw 1, Dead Silence, Insidious, The Conjuring. No need to think much, just enjoy the flow of the story and see how good James Wan is at building tension and atmosphere, then voila! you like horror, and for those who…