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  • Young Frankenstein
  • Back to the Future
  • The Abyss
  • The Lion King

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  • Air Doll


  • Bedevilled


  • Minuscule 2: Mandibles from Far Away


  • Steel Magnolias


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  • Air Doll

    Air Doll


    An inflatable sex doll in Osaka gains a heart, gets a job, and experiences daily life while her owner is at work.

    One of the toughest finds, been trying to see this for over a decade. Adapted from a graphic short story, I hesitate to call it light and airy, but there it is. Doo-na, with her doll-like face emphasized by makeup, emulates Nozomi believably. Somewhat an adult Pinocchio but more understated, the creative FX such as basic seam lines…

  • Bedevilled



    The vacation of a bitter Seoul resident to an insular, barely-accessible island reveals a small population even more cruel.

    Simple, yet solid and straightforward revenge thriller that doesn't transact in supernatural or Americanized slasher tropes. Instead, it spends the majority of time setting up a rationale for the inevitable rampage, then executes it with grisly realism. I had gone in expecting more chaptered, fantastic storytelling, but encountered a portrait of misery, neglect, and abuse amid poverty.

    While it's satisfying to…

Popular reviews

  • Tenet



    Secret agent struggles to save the world from bad guys and bad things that fight backwards!

    This is the kind of movie you'd get if you asked a toddler what superpower the evildoers should have, then gave it to a big-name director to convulse it into a watchable format, and drove up a truckload of money to produce it. I hated Inception and hoped dearly for some kind of redemption, but this was so much worse than anticipated.

    Only Nolan…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Barely an eyeblink after the last installment, Peter Parker's identity is revealed to the world, and his attempts to mitigate the damage trigger a cascade of events that threaten everyone around him.

    NWH is a Spider-Man comic & movie-lover's geeky dream. It not only creates a rationale for the weird choices of supporting cast that have always bugged me, but it throws Marvel-specific easter eggs and homages at those in the know in ceaseless rapid-fire. Much has been said about the…