Return of the Seven ★★★½

Not at all bad sequel to a not at all bad remake of a rather spectacular Japanese film (see Seven Samurai). This is The Seven Samurai Come Back, or at Least Those that Survived The First Time. It's got similar story elements, a couple of obvious winks to the 1960 film and a cheeky Larry Cohen script which, if nothing else, gives the audience the kind of set up they expect from a sequel (ie the same again but not quite as good) and lays on the witty banter. Only Yul Brynner actually returns from the first film, other reoccurring characters are played by different actors. There are some cool moments that re-establish quite why it was so important to have Yul return - he is just the coolest western character I've ever seen - and why they couldn't quite cast a replacement for him successfully in the following two sequels. It is pretty much what you think it will be - a decent film that doesn't try too hard to top the original, giving you more of the same. And it succeeds perfectly on that level.