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  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    This movie is far from perfect but it's super cute, and Zoey Deutch continues to act circles around her costars, no matter who they are. She's such a natural in her acting, she always seems really authentic and genuine in her scenes. My only complaint is that some of the lines could've been cut out, but it's a pretty decent Netflix movie. Wish more romcoms were like this!

  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    Watched this on a flight from Toronto to London. This was OK. Sorkin's movies are one of the movies that you need subtitles to fully appreciate the movie; otherwise, if you have bad audio like I did, the speedy line delivery just becomes garbled. That probably affected my enjoyment of this film.

    It's a decent movie though, but mainly because Chastain does a fantastic job of carrying the film. She's killer at seizing the scene and taking her lines to…

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  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    You know those tiny seconds between the time when the final frames of a movie fade to black and the time when the movie credits first appear on-screen? Yeah. For this movie, those seconds were the longest seconds in my entire month.

    Holy fucking shit, this movie was awful. I don't see how it's award-winning at all. Casey Affleck essentially plays a wooden board the entire damn movie. A wooden board to match the wooden house the movie is set…

  • Mr. Six

    Mr. Six


    Fellow Letterboxd-ers, have you ever asked yourselves if other theatre audience members can ruin an entire movie for you? Because yes, they totally can. And seeing that this is these Letterboxd entries are labelled as "diary entries", I'm gonna do exactly that. Write a diary entry about this movie rather than a review.

    Because Wu Yifan fans fucking ruined my #TIFF15 cinema experience with their piracy methods. Like Jesus fucking Christ, we are about 20+ minutes into the movie, will…