A Quiet Place ★★★★

Easily the best horror movie I have ever seen. It took me hours to shake off the feeling of anxiousness. I was so nervous through the final two-thirds of the movie. As soon as the deaf child argued with John's character, I knew that time was running out, and this conflict was gonna stir up some shit.

Gosh, I feel like the shorter movies are, the more genuinely entertaining they are. Less gimmicks, less flashy stuff, and more pure entertainment. Script, directing, and acting (!!!) were all on point. Major kudos to the casting director for casting the three kids in these roles. I had no doubt what-so-ever that they were John & Emily's actual children, and they were actually living in that scary environment. I especially like the second son - he may not have been the ~smartest~ child, but I felt like his role was needed in order to represent the audience in the movie, to show the most visceral and relatable reactions to what was happening. We can't all be John or Emily, y'know, quietly fearless in their awkwardly silent home.

Love how creative and innovative this horror movie is. I hope that future horror movies take note, and continue to reinvent themselves to draw bigger audiences. Horror movies don't necessarily mean endless hacking of humans; just a good ol' story with scary af monsters will do just fine.