Annihilation ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

What the fuck did I just watch. That was creepy as fuck. I hated biology back in high school, so I pretty much hated all the biology references. I needed to turn on subtitles to understand some of the biological mumbo jumbo they were going on about.

Great performance from Natalie Portman, and great production/direction overall, but I really did not understand the ending there... So I guess Natalie Portman's character has mutated cells, and she, with her fake alien husband, will now be aliens together? Live on through life as mutated parts of themselves? Can this weird molecular disease be transmitted to other people? Because that would be weird as fuck. Imagine, them having babies and then having a weird mutated baby as well, who would cause problems at the hospital when the doctor realizes that the baby has no stable DNA...

Ugh, I hate biology. I'll leave biology for the doctors.

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