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This review may contain spoilers.

OH GOD. THIS WAS FUCKING AMAZING. FIVE FUCKING STARS. This was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. It throws you in right back into the action from the get-go, and it doesn't fucking let go. There are no ~quiet scenes~ where you're like, "ok maybe I can run to the bathroom really quick" because right from the start, you're like "fuuuuuck, this shit is real". And Thanos really is fucking real. He really means business.

I mean, where do I even start. The fact that Thor is finally back with the rest of the Avengers crew again. Like he really disappeared, eh. Before Thor: Ragnarok, he was just kinda that uncool kid, then they made him cool, but now he's back to being suave again. Which I like, and I missed a lot. He was a bit too cool in Thor: Ragnarok, you know?

Then there's Doctor Strange, where it seems like it was so long ago when he had his own stand-alone movie. Like ages ago. He's supposed to be the new "leader" for the second phase of the Marvel universe, right? Alongside Captain Marvel and Black Panther? So glad he got a bigger role in this one. I really liked how he was portrayed in this movie. Very in-character - again, compared to Thor: Ragnarok.

Besides those two character redemptions, I need to talk about the character deaths. I'm not talking about the fake ones at the end. I'm talking about: Heimdall, Loki, Vision, and Gamora.

I'm a bit annoyed about the first two because dude, we spent all of Thor: Ragnarok building these two up into nice characters, and now they died like pretty much in the first scene. Vision, on the other hand, I kinda expected it. As soon as he mentioned that him dying might be the end-all to destroying Thanos' chances, I thought that Vision will likely die in this one. Gamora dying was a bit weird because I was pretty confident that there is a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out? I guess she's not in it then? I don't know.

I also really liked Scarlet Witch's role in this movie. I mean, falling in love with an android was a bit fucking weird, but I really liked the development of her character in this movie. It was a nice balance between the romance and the strong woman who was coming to her own powers.

Oh, and I was so friggin' sure that Iron Man was going to die in this movie. I mean, he's been in this movie series for centuries now! An entire decade! You'd think they would definitely kill him off at the first chance...

But oh, perhaps they'll kill him off in the next one. Or Captain America at least, so Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel will take over as team leaders.

Oh yeah, and what the fuck with Chris Pratt's Starlord character ruining every fucking thing when they tried to take off Thanos' glove. Like what the fuck, you're like a fucking 16-year-old who brainstorms great ideas but like, is so selfish at the same time. I hope Gamora dying gives him a new character arc. He needs to get a couple slaps in the face tbh. If Thor can go through shit, be redeemed, and get a cool smashing new axe at the end of it, so can Starlord. He needs it more than Thor needed it.

Oh, and speaking of Thor... Dude, when he landed on the battlefield, with "rabbit" and "tree" beside him, I legit swooned. So handsome when he rescued everybody. And oh my gosh, when Scarlet Witch finally came down into the battlefield and Okoye was like "dude why did we leave her up there" lmao. Damn, so many great battle moments in the final third of the movie. I hope Shuri survives too, by the way. I love her sassiness!

Cannot wait for the next Marvel movie. It's going to be badass. Kudos to the Marvel scriptwriters for writing a film that's as well put-together as this one, because damn, they did an excellent job in intertwining so many different characters, personalities, and storylines.

I already want to rewatch this movie. Maybe with subtitles next time though; the theatre's sound system was so loud sometimes, some line deliveries were mumbo-jumbo instead. There were quite a bit of one-liners in the first half of this movie too! I definitely missed a few.

P.S. Thor's dismissive nicknames for Rocket and Groot, "Rabbit" and "Tree", are fucking hilarious. Worth a rewatch just for that alone.

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