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This review may contain spoilers.

Not sure why there are such low ratings for this movie. The action sequences in this film were incredible, and so much better filmed than most action films out there. This was way more intense than I thought it would be. I thought it would be super cheesy, but somehow, with the directing, the writing, and the acting (!!!), this turned out to be a believable movie that's way better than it's being marketed.

Alicia Vikander absolutely kills it in this role. She portrays the role of a frustrated, but intelligent young woman who's been underachieving her entire young adulthood since the death of her father. Her stunts are crazy convincing - I read that she did her stunts, which makes sense because they looked real - and I never stopped believing that this was Lara Croft I was watching, rather than an Oscar-winning actress putting on a performance. Alicia Vikander acted the hell out of this role; I hope we get a sequel purely because of her performance here.

Then there's Daniel Wu, who, my god, deserves to be in any possible sequel too because goddamn, he's fine as fuck. Those arm muscles!! That tan!! The flawless acting!! YAAAS at the Chinese representation - and proper Chinese representation too, one where the actor isn't speaking in some accented English, but there are Chinese-Americans or Chinese-Canadians who can speak English without an awkward ESL language too, you know. So so so happy about his role here. Initially, I was worried that his character was going to get killed off early on in the movie - even though I was paying attention to his Instagram during the shoot and it seemed like he was there for majority of their filming in South Africa - but Lu Ren survives!! I really hope they write him in into the next movie. He's just so hot, man. I almost died in the cinema when they showed him on the boat, preparing to sail and stuff. *fans self*

Oh, and can we talk about Kristin Scott Thomas for a sec? As soon as I saw her show up in the movie, I thought to myself, "There is no way on Earth that she is in this movie and not end up in a bigger role in the entire story at the end of it." Lo and behold, I was right. I'm so excited to see her play villain against Alicia Vikander (and Daniel Wu hopefully). That's going to be super exciting.

Hollywood, I demand a sequel to this movie, featuring Alicia Vikander, Daniel Wu, and Kristin Scott Thomas. China is saving your box office asses right now, so the very least you can do is make sure he gets a recurring role in this series. Build up the semi-flirty chemistry between Alicia and Daniel, and totally get them in a light romance at the end of your three-part series. I can see totally see this happening in an organic way.

P.S. Please keep your director. He did some good work here.