Cruella ★★

Credit where credits due, this has a lot more to like than other Disney “reimaginings”, costume and production design is good throughout, Emma Stone and PWH are a blast to watch and at the very least this is like, it’s own film? I guess? The rest is a completely hollow and shallow invocation of punk aesthetics, with some real ugly digital smoothness completely negating any of its attempts at that. Completely bizarre choice to take anything that might’ve been diabolically fun about the character being a rich socialite willing to skin 101 dogs for a new look and say “but actually she was also a #girlboss anarchist.” Almost started to get into this at the first fashion heist and montage until I realised I somehow still had 90 minutes left and about 4 more fashion heists. At its best, I’m reminded of 2000s dark comedies, yet it’s mostly at it worst, when I’m reminded of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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