Midsommar ★★★★½

There’s currently only 3 theatres in Melbourne willing to show this as a result of it being rated R18+ here so when I rocked up to the theatre there was legit a line reaching almost outside just for this made up of entirely art house indie film bros, and I was like ohhh fuck, this is a damn blockbuster! It’s basically Endgame level hype for fucking weirdos. Luckily I myself am a weirdo! So I sat down in my fully packed theatre, M&Ms in my hand, ready to enjoy a fine night out at the theatre baby! Then the moment the A24 logo came on screen a few dudes in my theatre screamed “wooooh here we go!” And I was just sitting there by myself like “lmao this is really happening”. The following 2 and a half hours was filled with good old laughter, cheers, screeches and all around good times! This was like seeing The Force Awakens opening night with a bunch of nerds. 

Oh ye and the film was fuckin rad baby! Florence Pugh is a mad cutie. Trust no Chad......

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