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  • Pigster



    What, and I mean this sincerely, the actual fuck?

  • Black Water

    Black Water


    A freaking good alligator movie (as far as those go). The two actresses make it easy on the eyes in between dismemberments. I actually really enjoyed this movie, I recommend!

  • Dark Encounter

    Dark Encounter


    Not half bad! It’s a moderate budget sci fi mystery horror. Well worth watching. Laura Fraser is so so beautiful.

  • Psycho Beach Party

    Psycho Beach Party


    This one is great if you lied "Gidget" and "Return of the Living Dead." This film mixes the two genres well. My wife loves the Sally Field Gidget era and she saw a lot of connections to this story. "La roux" is Gidget's best friend and there is a similar character.

    The lead is played by Lauren Ambrose, who I would pick to play my wife in her life story film (or mine). I first enjoyed her acting in "Six…

  • Deadgirl



    Every once in a while, I reveal a sick and depraved love of taboo films with raunchy subject matter. This is such a film. Obviously, being a husband and dad to two daughters, I am certainly NOT a fan of rape. This film contains a lot of it. I also have no interest in necromancy, yet this film has it. All in all, it's a standard horror revenge motif (which I also like). If you are interested, go for it!…

  • Prey



    Good not great.

  • Tone-Deaf



    This horror/comedy is lot of wacky fun with some horror signposts. I recommend it.

  • Extraordinary Tales

    Extraordinary Tales

    #NowWatching Trip on this film!?

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    Joe lies, when he cries.

  • Mommy


    The delinquent screamer (my suggested alternate title). I did not finish this film. Therefore I can’t give a sure rating. At the place I left off he was calling his mom a bitch etc. It got old.

  • Bloodline



    This is Stifler? I liked this film. It has flaws but in the end the relationships are horrifying. That is, the kind horror fans may like.

  • Gwen



    Long slow portrayal of famine and how the government “took care of it” SAD, not empowering in any way. Grief lives here. Be advised. The young girl does a phenomenal job.