Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

Halloween Kills is a fine enjoyable movie. It’s  like all the other Halloween films. The central idea of a town hunting Michael Myers is awesome, and I will say this is the goriest in the series. However, while we don’t have the less interesting teen drama this time around, we get underused key characters. It’s so obvious why. Halloween Ends: unfortunately Halloween Kills feels like a complete set up for the next one. Certain compelling characters are conveniently away from all the action, while the supporting characters hunt Michael. Of course, this is to clear the path for the main showdown in the supposedly final film.

Halloween Kills is perfectly fine. A lot of gory kills but definitely in many ways feel like a teaser for Halloween Ends. I liked it about as much as the last one, if you took some elements from both movies and mash them together it’d be perfect.

I did like it overall. This is very brutal!