In a Valley of Violence

In a Valley of Violence ★★★★½

(Seen at SXSW)

Ti West's 'In a Valley of Violence' is a highly engrossing western in which Ethan Hawke stars as a drifter who enacts his revenge upon a group of individuals after they do something horrible to him. It's very much a performance-driven film and features excellent performances from Hawke and John Travolta, among others. But one of the most surprising elements to this film is the fact that the last third of the film adopts a fairly humorous tone, mainly in regards to all of the main characters being shown to be very much unprepared for the situation that arises. All of it comes together for a well-made western worth checking out.

(P.S. The dog in this film steals the show. Some of you internet folk might recognize the dog, Jumpy)

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