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  • The Monster Squad
  • Neon Maniacs
  • Violent Shit 3 - Infantry of Doom
  • Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek

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  • The Violence Movie


  • Slumber Party Massacre


  • Anal Paprika


  • Love & Saucers


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  • The Violence Movie

    The Violence Movie

    The Violence movie (2005 from 1988)
    Epicly stupid and brilliant at the same time. The 15 minute run time is a good thing and a bad thing again at the same time. Someone may point out its kids making a story of nothing and constant mistakes ... Duuuhhhhhh, thats why its hilarious. Camera man in the shot, character loses a hand yet still has both hands at the same time.. Fucking brilliant. Stupidist thing Ive seen in a long time, I loved it.

  • Slumber Party Massacre

    Slumber Party Massacre

    Oh that Slumber Party remake better not come around my house again or Imma punch it in the face. It was NOT idiotic sleaze, which is what I love and what it should be, so much and it literally pisses on it. If it was physically media I woulda destroyed it. Prattling jerks not even interesting enough to scream. It insults me directly cause it knew I lived this movie. It knew I ate pizza off a dead pizza man…

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  • Personal Space Invader 2

    Personal Space Invader 2

    HEY .. Who put this on Letterboxd... why I outta.
    Give you a hug and tell you I'm sorry for making this.
    But I love you and so does the touchy monkey!

  • Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility

    Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility


    Listen here pointdexter

    You dont know what Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility has to offer because you cant handle it JAWSOMENESS!

    Riot at the movies Hall of Fame winner and its only just now got a real release.

    Home made, silly special effects but thats the charm but it oooooozes charm and machismo like Razor Ramon on an acid trip after watching Adventure Time and Jurassic Park and the Prisoner at the same time.
    Just trying to do the best he can!
    Damn right , bring on the sequel pointdexter.